Price, Condition, Marketing & Negotiation

What Sells A House?

My PRIMARY JOB as a Listing Agent is to help my Clients coordinate these four most important elements. This is the way we arrive at a “Successful Sale”. A sale at the Highest Price, in the Shortest Time with the Least Hassle.


“The Right Price Brings the Right Offer.” Finding the highest price the Market will allow is both a science and an art.


“We don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” When a Buyer drives up, walks in a home and says “Wow!” you know you’ve made a sale.


“Cast as wide a net as possible.” Do the systems used by your agent reach as many people as possible and present the home in its best possible light?


“In Real Estate, we don’t get what we deserve – we get what we negotiate.” Only one of out every 21 offers is accepted as presented. That means the other 20 have to be negotiated without losing the buyer or weakening our seller’s position.