I am not here for just this one sale! I need to do such a good job for you as your personal real estate advisor that you will want to refer me to all your friends, neighbors and family. Even if it means NOT making a sale with you, that’s what I need to do. You see, I believe if I look out for YOUR best interest you’ll tell everyone you know about it and I’ll end up with five pieces of business instead of one unhappy ex-client. I want to be your “Real Estate Advisor For Life”. I’ll be right here when you’re ready to sell or buy again. I want it to be a “no brainer” that I’m the first call you make.

Some of my clients have been kind enough to write letters of recommendation. You can see some of them at my website. Go to:


to see some examples. My intention is to deliver the level of service to you that you’ll want to have your letter added there.


How does that sound?