Let’s Make Your House A Perfect 10!


The Best House Brings the Best Price

What other homes are Buyers comparing us to? The Housing Market is “both a price war and a beauty contest”. Price and Condition work hand-in-hand when Buyers are assigning value to a property.

How Can We Become the "Best House?"

What is the 3 to 1 investment? When Preparing a home for the Market an agent should know which dollars spent would be able to give at least a 3 to 1 return on the homeowner’s investment. Some fix-ups can actually be a 10 to 1 return on investment!

The Basic Checklist

1. Repair everything you can

2. Fresh paint with neutral colors

3. Clean or replace old carpet

4. Trim all hedges and keep lawn mowed

5. Caulk & clean around sinks, tubs & showers

6. Declutter

7. Depersonalize

8. Neutralize odors

9. Place two flowerpots at the front door

10. Remove & store all window screens

Note: This is just the start. When working with a seller we set up an appointment to meet and assess the property together. I will make additional recommendations for preparing your home for the market that are specific to your home - all of which will help the house.